Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Did I Really Destroy It?


Well, I must say that as the time draws near, I'm getting pretty excited about I Was Totally Destroying It's CD Release party on Saturday (October 10th). So, in honor of them, and their big day, I have been asked to perform for the folks that show up for the party. I can only say, that I'm completely honored. So, for you who turn up, most of it is going to be magic, where, well, I destroy something! I think that would be kinda fun, and somehow on topic.

Now, I've tried to see I Was Totally Destroying It, at least 3 times before I finally saw them. I even remember once, I was an ENTIRE day late to the Reservoir (as they had played the night before), because I am terrible with time, and ended up going into a bar with 4 people (1 of whom was the bartender). Granted they are 4 people I really like...but I was not they, whom destroy it, were not there. This kinda goes on for, at least, another two months or so. Day late. Dollar short. Time and time again.

Most days I had to settle for this video. That was all fine and well, but, I just had a feeling about this band. I liked what I had heard so far, and was looking for just a little bit more.

Fastforward to The Pinhook in Durham NC. It's a great venue. Very interesting. My good buddy Rusty Sutton was doing the sound (and a fabulous job, I might add). My friend Chris Tamplin has made a cocktail specifically for the evening, called, you guessed it, the 'I Was Totally Destroying It'. Finally, my good buddy, Matthew Allen Schwartz came into town from Winston Salem to hang out and see the show. Things were shaping up quite nicely, and it hadn't really started yet. Then other local music regulars start to show. James Hall...Mimi Mclaughlin (of the Pneurotics), and, well, more folks than I care to count.

By the time IWTDI went on, the crowd was there, and, man, did those guys/and gal play. They really gave it there all, and honestly, the live show was much better (to me) than the record. But then again, I'm a live show kinda guy. The place was jumping and the band was giving it everything that they had which resulted in a melodic thundering, enough to make even the most discerning hipster, bob his head in agreement. I was blown away. A very talented band in the area, creating music that means something. Hell, they even make you think that synthesizers should be on every song! That's what it's about, after all, and IWTDI will not disappoint.

Any way, I had a great time that night. Met some old friends and some new. All bringing it back round to this saturday. The Cat's Cradle. I will be totally destroying the magic. They will be totally destroying the Cat's Cradle. You should make it out. Helping them destroy it will be, Lonnie Walker...Des Ark...Rat Jackson...and Lake Inferior.

Until then.