Thursday, November 19, 2009

"I am watching a Drag Queen sing Magic Man..."

" Heart, and I immediately thought of you. Wow, that sounds bad. Ha." - text message from M.A. Schwartz

God knows that was one of the funniest messages that I got this past week. Thank, you Matt!

I've been kinda scarce lately due to the volume of private functions and well, the season of the party. This time of the month you have got to spread it thin and ride it out, because typically after this month, it drags quit a bit in the early part of the year.

But what I am thankful for is all the great people I've got to spend time with this month! I think one of the highlights of this month was performing at the Lark & Key Gallery! (see photo) Not only did I get to perform for one of my favorite visual artists of North Carolina, but, I got to spend some time with the lovely Koster family in Charlotte while I was there! Man, do they know how to make someone feel lucky and loved in a city so far from home. As per the close of the shows at the two Lark & Key locations in Charlotte, I went over to the Evening Muse (one of my favorite intimate Charlotte venues) to catch a show with Stephanie's ID and Carrie Ann Hearst. Man, that was one heck of a show! Well, and if you know I was there, and I was having a good time, there was magic involved. I'd tell y'all what happened, but, I'll either leave it to the folks at the groups or the folks in attendance to recap that, you know, just in case I want to show it to you on one of these fine evenings!

When I wasn't performing, or adding to the natural selection of the NC deer population with my automobile, I was attending Troika! Man, Durham...Troika was pretty amazing. You really out did yourself! I went to the Paper, Rock, Scissors art show at the Trotter building in downtown, and after a black tie dinner that night, came back there to see Red Collar's last show of the year. Definitely can say that those folks in Red Collar put on a show of epic proportions that night, which systematically defines one, Jonathan Truesdale, as my hero of the month...drumming the entire set in time, with one arm! Amazing, I tell ya. Amazing. Then off to Triangle Brewery for some more post Troika hanging out, and the people at Triangle Brewery are amazing, and I'll leave it at that. I'm sure there are photos somewhere, right Jordan? ;)

All in all, this year seems to definitely be going out like a tiger, which, if all is holding true, means that next year should deliver even more than this.

You really got me Triangle.

You are the best cities in the land!



Tuesday, November 3, 2009

rOCKTOBER. (Yes, that little 'r' is intentional)

Yes, boys and girls...Halloween is over, but let me tell you, October had to be the busiest month on record for me! Not long after the I Was Totally Destroying It show at Cat's Cradle, it's been a whirlwind of magic and travelling. That night/next morning, I was on a plane out to Baltimore, and caught up with my family that I haven't seen or spoken to, in well over 30 years*. Come back, go to Lucero show, Mike Roy and J Roddy Walston & The Business Show, perform at a bank for an entire day, go on WCOMFM.ORG with Jason Kutchma (of Red Collar), Film a Halloween Show with NBC-17, and have a show at Raleigh Times...and all that is only from the 11th to the 19th of October! The times...they are a stayin'.

Signed cards were found inside people's jacket pockets and sealed CD's! You all really inspire me to help take my magic to the next level, and hopefully, you enjoy that. I'm always looking to get better and your input, well, it means something to me. So give it!

If you aren't on facebook, and heard me screaming from the rooftops about this really great Halloween Special we filmed with Ormon Grimsby, Killer Filler, AND you can watch the unedited version of this show by clicking on the name above 'Ormon Grimsby'. I can't help but think of the lyric from Todd Snider, "Just one more thing before I leave for all my friends and my family, Can you tell me when this particular episode, Is gonna be on TV, I'm gonna be on TV!"

I think most importantly the things I learned this month, is that the triangle...well, it's a great place to be a part of. This place has some of the greatest people that you could ever care to meet, and man, do they welcome you with open arms. And by 'Open Arms' I mean hugs and love of epic-Journey-ish porportions. I thank you all who came out to all the shows, or places. I thank you all that supported me, included me, and helped me. It's far too many people to name but it begs, at the very least, mentioning.

I should have written more, but, the magnitude of October numbs my thought tongue. God bless my lovely wife for helping me keep all this stuff straight!
I hope I see you soon!


*Long story...but, it's an interesting one. Ask me next time you see me.