Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Texts I'm Thankful For

Since the end of August, I've switched to the iPhone. One of the best decisions I've ever made and honestly, don't know how I lived without it. In the embracing any new technology, the old one has to be let go to pasture...with a cell phone this means you will never ever need it again. Not only do I have tendencies like my West Virginian Memaw (except I collect stray musicians v. stray animals) I hoard all this old technology. A simple trip to my attic and tumble over 3 to 5 old video game systems will tell you this.

I had sent all the photos to my email. I had moved all of the contacts to the new phone. It wasn't until after moving the last contact that I realized...I loved some of the text messages I received. So I figure, as an homage to the phone that was my phone for the last few years, I would honor those texts here. Some will have names, and some won't. Doesn't really matter either way, it's basically a final resting place that I can read and remember anyway, because, in two more years we will communicating telepathically and texts will have gone the way of the reel to reel at that point.

So, on to the texts:

Ryan Johnson (Guitar, American Aquarium) *Jan 9, 2009 1:45 am

"hey some guy is doing some lame ass tricks in columbia. i miss you. hahah"

Jason Kutchma (Red Collar) *Mar 20, 2009 8:21pm

"Cory sez hey" *attached picture of Cory Branan in SXSW*

David Slade (American Princes) *Jul 11, 2009 5:27pm

"Shucks...those dudes* rule. I'm def around on the 20th. If they need a place to stay, it's on."

*in reference to Red Collar's show at the White Water Tavern

David Slade (American Princes) *Sep 2, 2009 4:55pm

"Did you know that Mastadon means 'Nipple Tooth'?"

Luke Hunsicker (American Princes) *Sep 4, 2009 4:23pm

"Man I just wanted to send you some love. Really sorry I didn't get to hang with you with the rest of the guys. They said they had a good time and I'm sure it was awesome. Love you."

Matt Quinn (American Princes) *Sep 4, 7:31pm

"Even without that deck of cards, you'd still be the most magical guy i know"

Chris Malarky (The Pourhouse) *Dec 24, 2009 4:01pm

*Picture of Chris in a Rebel Pilot Mark Ekco hoodie...completely zipped up.

Todd Beene (Glossary) Apr 16, 2010 1:38am

Circus Circus in Las Vegas. Wish you were here!
*Contains picture of Mary in front of Criss Angel's store

Todd Beene (Same) May 19, 2010 7:15pm

"You are on the guest lista!"

Angela Casey (Awesome Wives Club) May 21, 2010 8:44am

"Yum Yum!" *Contains picture of a birthday cake

Cory Branan (Singer/Songwriter) May 28, 2010 11:12am

"Mornin sugar!"

Cory Branan (Same) May 30, 2010 12:57am

"Dude- everyone was talkin about you so much today. U r now an adjective (actual sentence after good song) "wow that song was mike!"

Luke Hunsicker (American Princes) Jul 30, 10:17pm

"Sydney just wet herself yes! A million times yes!"

Luke Hunsicker (American Princes) Jul 30, 10:19pm

"I love you man"

David Slade (American Princes) Aug 11, 2010 10:04pm

"Hey man, I just wanted you to know that Luke decided on Hospice today."

Todd Beene (Glossary) Aug 12, 2010 2:26am

"Mary says get here right now. White Water. Nowish."

Angela Casey (Awesome Wives Club) Aug 12, 2010 1:22pm

*picture of a bottle of Redbreast Irish Whisky

David Slade (American Princes) Aug 16, 2010 7:44pm

"Hey, I meant to say this earlier: your email to Luke was beautiful. Thank you so much. You're an incredible friend."

Aug 23, 2010

"Hey my friend. Luke passed away this morning. I'm in class right now but I'll call in a few hours."

You know...I started this post last week. I had no idea it would end like this, but, in a way it seems fitting. We don't have letters to keep anymore. Things that were once tangible are now digital, and so I'm sure we will always forget what is encompassed in these electronic vessels. After unpacking this for texts I had kept, I was chilled at the swiftness that cancer took my friend's life. That makes me remember the time I did get to spend in Little Rock with Red Collar, and the southern family at White Water that have adopted me.

I'm constantly reminded that I've surrounded myself with some pretty spectacular people. They are the best people I know, and I hope that everyone has something like this...because even months after reading that last message it hits me like a knife to the chest and you need a reminder that even in the darkest hour you can reach out with something as simple as a text message or phone call to grab a hold of the light.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Top 10 Songs About Magic (Part 2 *THE TOP 5*: With Video)

So for the exciting conclusion, and the (in my opinion) TOP 5 songs about magic are as follows:

*Please take note of the very scientific way one orders such things as 'Top 5' lists in the picture*

#5 Olivia Newton John - "Magic"

To say that I have always had a crush on ole ONJ would be a huge understatement. I grew up watching her in Grease and Xanadu as a kid. She can sing, she was Austrailian, and she was/is REALLY pretty. A woman of her time, for certain.

#4 The Cars - "Magic"

Now, you are starting to see the recurrent theme developing. Most of these songs are about magic! But more importantly, they have MAGIC right in the title. Fear not, one actually does not, and it is yet to come! But this one, was one of the first times I had ever seen magic as a kid. Rick Ocasick (sp?) walking on water at some retirement home/mardi gras party is pretty amazing, ESPECIALLY, given the nature of the times. Still love this video very very much! He even did this before Criss Angel to the delight of what appears to be one of the Fat Boys and Uncle Sam (who subsequently has a chin-stache?).

#3 Cory Branan - "Lilly"

I'd be lying if I said I didn't love this song. First time I heard it I was glamoured to say the least. Now I think with Cory having a magician friend, he can't help but relate it to yours truly (note at the time frame at 1 minute and 15 seconds into the video). I've shot the video for this in my head, and how it would play out. Hell, I've even designed the cover for this cd using this song as inspiration. We will have to see how that works out in the long run. Magic as a metaphor for a relationship is just genius, to be honest. I do love it. I hope you do too!

#2 Jason Isbell - "The Magician"

Probably the reason that this one is this high, but, not quite number one is for several reasons. Firstly I think it's the best song about a magician I've ever heard, and instead of using magic like a metaphor (like all the ones here) it actually is about a magician. It's a great description of some thoughts, and the life of, one of my kind, I guess. He really and truly nails it with this song. I always mean to record this song when I see Jason, but, sometimes I just want to kick back and truly enjoy the song. I guess I know how all those truckers feel about songs that sing about truck driving, in that 'Tell-it-brother" kind of fashion.

#1 Heart - "Magic Man"

I heart Heart. Just the way it is. This is the best and coolest song about 'magic' around. It would be hard to disagree I think with this. It was my ringback tone for a while, and after getting calls, I would pick up the phone to utter laughter because of this song. I need to turn it back on. If you corner me about it, sometime I might give you a mini-lecture about the lyric 'Com'on home, girl' and how if it was 'Com'on, Homegirl' it would make a great rap song-thingy.

So, that's it! The Top #10 Songs About Magic. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed putting it together! Let me know if you found something new, agree, or even disagree with my choices!

Until I see you at Elon...or I see you at The Local 506, I hope your day is magical.

All the best,


Friday, January 29, 2010

The Top 10 Songs About Magic (with Video)

Of course, this is in my humble opinion as a music-lover and magician. I have assembled a collection of my favorite songs, that have videos, that reference or talk about the topic of magic, and I hope you will enjoy! Now doing this is something that requires a lot of patience. Not every song that mentions magic could be considered simply because they reference it in a weird way. I'm sure there are a ton of Wiccan strange string ensembles that would make my life complete, but, well, that isn't my bag o' tea. The following are songs...that 'I' like. So you might not see a 'Black Magic Woman' (actually you won't because I don't care for that song) or a 'Magic' by Robin Thicke. I just do not care for them. Doesn't mean they aren't good, just that I don't care for them. However, there are some that I'm sure I overlooked, but, I hope you like what I 'looked' for this countdown:

#10 Pilot - "Magic"

Pilot. Didn't even know that was their name, but, I do truly love that song. Grew up on it as a kid, and it has that disco ethereal funk thing going on. The lead singer looks like a young John Edwards or something, and the drummer is way too happy for my liking, but, they are singing a song about magic! How could they not be happy?

#9 Queen - "It's a Kind of Magic"

Ah, how could one forget Queen? I couldn't. This video is ripe with awesomeness. Freddie Mercury as the wandering Magi making music with is gesticulations! Just awesome. Then...he appears to turn into Dracula (or maybe that's his over bite) and thusly to his standard Mercurial attire of tight shirt and tight pants. Now that is magic, not just a 'kind of'.

#8 David Bowie - "Dance Magic Dance"

Oh my. I love this movie. David Bowie rules so much. Love the movie, and one of my favorite shows was Red Collar playing in Hell (Chapel Hill) and they were simultaneously broadcasting from projection this movie. So, I couldn't pass on this one. It toggled between position 6 and 8 for a while. Hell, they even manage to use the lyric of 'Puppy Dog Tails'! Try to watch this video and NOT tapping your foot and feeling good. Right, you can't! Or you probably can. Bowie isn't for everyone.

#7 Blind Melon - "3 is the Magic Number"

I like this song a lot. Has a magician in cartoon form...talks about 3 and the ancient trinities, etc. I'm also a School House Rocks kid, so this has a soft spot in my heart. I have 3 people in my things in 3' know. Who doesn't? I've even named one of my paintings after this song. Just an FYI and seriously, just an awesome track.

#6 The Who - "The Magic Bus"

It's the Who. Truly, enough said.

Interested in seeing what lands in the top 5? Yeah, me too. I have all the arranged slips here, so I'll have to tape them onto a piece of paper to hold their order. These are some of the highly systematic things we do here. By 'We' I mean, me and the mouse in my pocket. Or in my head. One of those two.

So, stay tuned! The next installment next week when I reveal my top 5! And, it will be the kickoff night of the Double Barrell Benefit for WKNC at the Pourhouse Music Hall that I'll be hosting! Come out for some awesome music, some magic, and support a good Local cause!

Until then,