Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Dreaming in Boston

Sometimes you find yourself on the hustle.  I have that.  Well, a version of that.  I do work in the corporate world and i love doing it, my job that is.  But there is a sadness that comes with that.  Watching people hustle, check phones, rush to meetings, and talk loudly.  It’s been going on for two days so far.  Don’t know how i feel about it exactly given that maybe I’ve found that rushing up and down and around, constantly on that hustle might not exactly be my cup of tea.  Meet with this person.  Talk to that person.  I don’t do that.  Not that i can’t.  Not that i won’t.  Just find the whole thing disenguouis.  A fake.  Once that permeates your skull, you smell it all around you.  You can escape seeing it.  But that’s business.  It’s good for someone.

Night before last i got to see a secret Deer Tick show here in Boston.  Great to see friends.  Get to see my friends from the UK as well.  Last night i ate meat too late in the evening, which led to indigestion and insomnia for several hours.  Part of getting older i hear.  Also in part, treating myself like an asshole.  I really should try to be better to this body. 

 The insomnia, which i don’t have often, leads to a subtle loneliness.  Just being awake in a well asleep city has a special unsettling quietness to it.  Check your phone.  Listen to music.  Check your phone.  Try an audiobook.  Check your phone.  Listen to music.  Check your phone.  For what?  Everyone else is asleep too.  When i finally propped myself up to fall asleep i was listening to hours of Spanish nouns coming as a slow whisper from my phone.  Maybe i was trying to hypnotize myself.

When i drifted off to sleep the dreams weren’t bad.  They weren’t good.  But they weren’t bad.  Lost in oceans of hazy landscapes and people you know saying things you don’t comprehend or remember.  I finished this one at a House.  Nice house.  A big house.  But an older house.  White, and on a hill, like my aunt Bessie’s house in West Virginia.  Well, how it felt anyway.  Every room crowded with stuff, old stuff.  As i made my way from room to room unsure of what i was looking for.  I would hear a whisper, then turn around, only to find the room completely stuff.  Just the whisper.  Room after room, whisper, turn, gone.  I sat down at a table, and i heard it again.  This time nothing left, and as i turned around my grandmother was standing in the chair behind me, in her nightgown she’d always wear, whispering.  I was so elated and so happy and i hugged her.  I could hear her, but i said i was sorry for her not being here, and not being able to see her one last time before she died. I cried in the dream and the alarm snapped me awake.  Starfish and Coffee, if you were wondering what the alarm was.

I felt good.  Oddly resolved but no idea why.  Maybe i feel lost here?  I don’t really know.  Spanish whispers continue, and i think i feel good about today.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The End is Near

It has been an absolutely wonderful trip.  Those of you who followed on Instagram (@caseymagic) would have seen some pretty fun things.  Currently I'm sitting in a hotel room with my kid, as she showers, awaiting to go to a dear friend's wedding.  Today I thought back to when I met him, and to think that these years in the future I would be attending his wedding, well, I definitely wouldn't have seen it then.  Hell, I barely see it now...and it's amazing.  The universe offers you so many people, and so many opportunities to reach out across that void and make a connection, and when you do, and more importantly IF YOU DO, embrace it.  Feel it.  Feel it for everything it's worth.

I've been super lucky on this trip to share my life of friends with my child.  Trying to show her that there are amazing people out there in this world.  Too numerous to count sometimes.  The places are too amazing.  The food is too good.  The company is too astounding.  Truly it's only the tip of what is to come, or what is to be.  If you are reading this...I have come to know you in some light, or you have come to know me!  I hope we continue to share, and move through this wonderful thing we call life.

Prince had it right.

Electric word, life.

Hope to see you soon.

Hit me up...I miss you.


Magic Mike

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Doc-ember Musings

Here we are in December again. Most of you wonder how one may make a living of sorts, being a magician. Well, December should always be the answer. December is the time when I meet the most people, and in one month, do the most shows. Holiday parties, luncheons, and cocktail hours can keep you busy every day of the week, save a day or two. Which is good, but, can be taxing at times. I do love it. I love seeing people in the holiday spirit, and slightly tipsy with that holiday spirit.

Lately I've been into documentaries. If you know anything about me at all, it's that I am a documentary nut. I love them. In the last few days I've watched one on Keith Haring (love him), one on the war called Restrepo, and one on the oldest cave artwork ever found in human history called Cave of Wonders. If one were to look at all those things in separation, you might find no consistent thread that ties much of anything together with these three films. For me, if I add in December, it's thankfulness. I know it's a day late and a dollar short of Thanksgiving, but, I have always felt that Thanksgiving was the inauguration of the new year, and that 'thankfulness' as it were goes well beyond that 3rd Thursday.

From Keith Haring I learned what it is to be free. I mean like, truly free. Keith was an amazing guy and nothing short of an inspiring artist. He basically showed me, how to 'endure' life to be free. Through his life, and his uncompromising position on art, he endured. Through his struggle with HIV and subsequently, AIDS, he endured. Endured so much, in fact, that his art work, the truest expression of the man's freedom, is still talked about to this day.

From Restrepo I learned what 'freedom' costs. It's not a documentary for the faint of heart. It's gritty. It's tense. It's all too real. You know what these guys did, given their situation? They endured. They made the best of it. It was amazing that anyone would do that. It was more amazing that anyone could do that. Reminds me that there are tougher things to endure than our own meager lives. That traffic isn't really that bad. Complaining about holiday crowds at a shopping mall, isn't that bad, because somewhere, there is a guy in a ditch in the desert...getting shot at...and he wishes he had our problems.

From Cave of Wonders I learned the ultimate endurance story. Artwork that was somewhere around 30,000 years old. You read that right, and you should read it again. 30,000 years old. A cave full of this stuff, by one guy, with a crooked pinky. His footprints still preserved and his hand prints all at the cave entrance. Amazing. When the Alps had 9,000ft of glaciers on them...he was a cave. I'm sure he had no idea that his audience wouldn't come around for 30,000. So I guess there is hope for anyone if that's the case, yeah? But he endured. What he did...endured.

We are in the last days of 2011. Depending on who you ask, might be in the last days of the world. I honestly don't believe that, but, some people do. Maybe what they really should believe in again, is people. People are out there doing amazing things every day. YOUR FRIENDS are doing amazing things. YOUR FAMILY is doing amazing things. Everyday. Just take some time and be thankful, because in all honesty, that is 'real magic' to me.

Happy holidays to you and yours,


Friday, November 4, 2011

I Am Not A Clown

Nor, am I a stripper. Yet, a quick search for 'Magic Mike NC' will probably turn up such results. Yeah, I know it's vain to look yourself up on the internet, but, my moniker of Magic Mike (given to me by people, not by choice) is slowly becoming...well, I don't know. It's becoming something. My favorite find thus far:

"Magic Mike Outer Banks Favorite Clown"

That's not me.

Steven Soderberg is making a movie about a male stripper guessed it...'Magic Mike'. I think I should be allowed, at least, on set. Not that I'd want to be, but, dammit clowns and strippers! There is nothing 'magical' about either one of those things! Maybe I should roll back on that. Maybe I haven't seen the right clowns. Maybe, I haven't seen the right male strippers? I probably should have seen this coming. Actually I did, and sealed it in an envelope and mailed it to myself 5 years ago...predicitions are uncanny sometimes.

In other news, I had a really great time at Pepper's Sandwich Shop in Morrisville last night. It was their second anniversary party, and they invited me to perform there. Great, people. Wonderful staff. Absolutely amazing food. I even invented some effects for the night, and well, they were met with open mouths. That could also be from the food, but, I'm going to put a check by my name as well.

Next week I'm headed to the wonderful lands of New New Jersey. I will be there all week, which includes me missing an opportunity to open for the lead singer from Man Man on Sunday (as I fly out) at the Local 506 and Hayes Carl is performing at the Cat's Cradle next week. Have fun with the awesomeness in town, Triangle...I'll be thinking fondly of you from my cold tomb of Princeton.

In other news, I'm cooking up something interesting. Magic Merch! Well shirts. I've had them designed by Monkey Chow (they look amazing by the way) and they are being printed by Adam Peele of Raleigh. This combination is not one to be missed. For more details and an early sign up for the pre-order, keep an eye out next week for the newsletter sign-up. I promise I won't bombard your mailbox with tons of drivel. Hell, I barely manage to write multiple blogs in a year, but, it's more for me to reach out to you when I'm in your area, or trying to drum up support for a show, or a cause.

Mainly, I do this because I like all of you. Wait. Scratch that. I love all of you. I think the biggest difference between me, and say some other person (magi) you may meet is that we, you and me, we connect. I give 100% of my attention to you when I do magic, and it's all about you. It always will be. Without you, I am absolutely nothing. So, you complete me, readers. All 4 of you.

Until next time,

Michael (aka Magic Mike the not clown, aka Magic Mike the not stripper)

Friday, September 30, 2011

September Thoughts

"I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness,
starving hysterical naked,
dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix,
Angel-headed hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection
to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night"

Some dead man writing feverishly while he was alive about the madness that was going on about him. That's why I painted this. Someone so compulsed and compelled to create that nothing else has come to matter. The floating letters are the key strokes to the opening line of 'Howl', in case you were wondering.

As a magician I often times wonder what people wonder about. Sometimes I know, and sometimes I don't. People can be such complicated things sometimes, and yet, maintain a level of predictability that no one forsees. Because, somewhere along the lines of a yearning to be unique and the road to get to that place we often times they don't quite line up like the perfect stencils of our youthful art kits. Sometimes there is no substance to draw upon. Then what happens?

What I wonder about is pretty simple. Where is all of this going? By 'all of this' I don't mean this blog, or this thought. I mean life as we know it. Being a very studious and curious person by nature I'm fascinated by people. I'm inspired by my friends and the people around me. I love their stories. I love the history of where they come from, where they have been, and where they are going. I love everything around me and it feeds into me, and I give it back to you. I'm organic and I am in the moment at all times. I think that my magic is reflective of those things. If you've seen my magic, or maybe you haven't, and you want to know what I'm carrying on about I'm sure you can find at least a link or two to get you into those windows.

So with magic, as with art, you are channelling yourself, and all those pieces that make you up through a narrow little slit of your chosen form of expression. You couldn't possibly get it all through there. You'd sooner shove a killer whale up a flight of stairs than communicate everything you have to say in a lifetime's volume of work. So what you chose to say, and what you choose to do, is of the upmost importance. You only have a narrow little slit to put it into so make it good. Atop that narrow slit of expression, you only have a narrow slit of time. You have a 30 minute set. You have a one month showing. You have a one minute 'elevator pitch'. The proper timing of all of these things, when it all goes 'right', well, that's what real magic looks like.

So, Mr. Ginsberg, inspired by his friends, his current state of mind, and his current surroundings spawned an epic poem that has since spanned decades and generations...and he flowed, and continues to flow from the eyes of youth to the minds of their older selves in a way that we all 'hope' to do some day. Be it to our children, to our art, to our craft, or simply a kind gesture to a person in a time of need, or a family member, or simply being there for a friend when all seems lost or in shambles, allow yourself to flow and be in the moment.

So, when you ask me,

"I hate to (or I'm sorry to) ask, but, could you show my friends some magic?"

Don't be that way, because you are allowing me to flow.

See you around,


Friday, August 19, 2011

You're a blog. What's that all about?

Say 'hello' to your mother for me.

Sometimes I get so caught up in everything around me that I don't sit down and acknowledge all the things that are happening. Maybe in a round about sort of way, I should stop and say this...or that...or what have you.

Spent some time in Little Rock. I love Little Rock and all of it's inhabitants. It's like a family and even if I don't make it there for a year...or 6 months...doesn't matter. We never miss a beat.

Went to Chicago twice. Once I performed on a Casino boat. Once I performed at the Florshiem Mansion. I even got to eat at Graham Elliot and hang out with lots of people I work with, that I don't normally see. All in was grand.

Recently had a great show at Reggie's 42nd Street Tavern in Wilmington. Met lots of great folks. Maybe some people believe. Maybe they don't. I think most everyone had fun. Drove back that night and flew to Maine.

Maine is where it's at for summer, people. I didn't expect much and I was completely blown away. Like really. Words fail the description of it. Then again, my trip, and it's utter amazingness it due to the personal company involved, lakes, boats, and spring water.

There were shows in Virigina. Shows in Raleigh. Shows, shows, shows. I love doing them, eventhough it gets quite exhausting over time. I hope y'all realize that when I do them, I try to make them new and exciting I I can keep you coming back for more!

All that traveling truly made me realize...I love the Triangle. Love Durham. Love Raleigh. Love Chapel Hill. Coming to the conclusion that it's not the place but the people you are with and the people here...really make these places awesome.

Life is magical to be, because of you.

Love you all.


Sunday, February 6, 2011


Things I've learned about Richmond.

People there are super awesome.

Weddings with people from Virginia tend to be super epic and laced with the appropriate amount of southern charm that makes one believe that people are good at the core.

Richmond has more potholes than police, yet, both tend to be supremely prevalent.

Plastic bags and packing cushions are all over the damned place. If you are reading your google map app to try to find your venue...and you step on one. It sounds like a gunshot. This will easily make the stepper me, and the two gentlemen with the Pitbull instantly scared but simultaneously relieved and laughing in the span of 2 seconds.

I've got some old friends and some new friends in Richmond. These people are rad.

Cabins are cold, but friendships are warm.

Magic Mike