Saturday, April 11, 2015

The End is Near

It has been an absolutely wonderful trip.  Those of you who followed on Instagram (@caseymagic) would have seen some pretty fun things.  Currently I'm sitting in a hotel room with my kid, as she showers, awaiting to go to a dear friend's wedding.  Today I thought back to when I met him, and to think that these years in the future I would be attending his wedding, well, I definitely wouldn't have seen it then.  Hell, I barely see it now...and it's amazing.  The universe offers you so many people, and so many opportunities to reach out across that void and make a connection, and when you do, and more importantly IF YOU DO, embrace it.  Feel it.  Feel it for everything it's worth.

I've been super lucky on this trip to share my life of friends with my child.  Trying to show her that there are amazing people out there in this world.  Too numerous to count sometimes.  The places are too amazing.  The food is too good.  The company is too astounding.  Truly it's only the tip of what is to come, or what is to be.  If you are reading this...I have come to know you in some light, or you have come to know me!  I hope we continue to share, and move through this wonderful thing we call life.

Prince had it right.

Electric word, life.

Hope to see you soon.

Hit me up...I miss you.


Magic Mike