Thursday, December 15, 2011

Doc-ember Musings

Here we are in December again. Most of you wonder how one may make a living of sorts, being a magician. Well, December should always be the answer. December is the time when I meet the most people, and in one month, do the most shows. Holiday parties, luncheons, and cocktail hours can keep you busy every day of the week, save a day or two. Which is good, but, can be taxing at times. I do love it. I love seeing people in the holiday spirit, and slightly tipsy with that holiday spirit.

Lately I've been into documentaries. If you know anything about me at all, it's that I am a documentary nut. I love them. In the last few days I've watched one on Keith Haring (love him), one on the war called Restrepo, and one on the oldest cave artwork ever found in human history called Cave of Wonders. If one were to look at all those things in separation, you might find no consistent thread that ties much of anything together with these three films. For me, if I add in December, it's thankfulness. I know it's a day late and a dollar short of Thanksgiving, but, I have always felt that Thanksgiving was the inauguration of the new year, and that 'thankfulness' as it were goes well beyond that 3rd Thursday.

From Keith Haring I learned what it is to be free. I mean like, truly free. Keith was an amazing guy and nothing short of an inspiring artist. He basically showed me, how to 'endure' life to be free. Through his life, and his uncompromising position on art, he endured. Through his struggle with HIV and subsequently, AIDS, he endured. Endured so much, in fact, that his art work, the truest expression of the man's freedom, is still talked about to this day.

From Restrepo I learned what 'freedom' costs. It's not a documentary for the faint of heart. It's gritty. It's tense. It's all too real. You know what these guys did, given their situation? They endured. They made the best of it. It was amazing that anyone would do that. It was more amazing that anyone could do that. Reminds me that there are tougher things to endure than our own meager lives. That traffic isn't really that bad. Complaining about holiday crowds at a shopping mall, isn't that bad, because somewhere, there is a guy in a ditch in the desert...getting shot at...and he wishes he had our problems.

From Cave of Wonders I learned the ultimate endurance story. Artwork that was somewhere around 30,000 years old. You read that right, and you should read it again. 30,000 years old. A cave full of this stuff, by one guy, with a crooked pinky. His footprints still preserved and his hand prints all at the cave entrance. Amazing. When the Alps had 9,000ft of glaciers on them...he was a cave. I'm sure he had no idea that his audience wouldn't come around for 30,000. So I guess there is hope for anyone if that's the case, yeah? But he endured. What he did...endured.

We are in the last days of 2011. Depending on who you ask, might be in the last days of the world. I honestly don't believe that, but, some people do. Maybe what they really should believe in again, is people. People are out there doing amazing things every day. YOUR FRIENDS are doing amazing things. YOUR FAMILY is doing amazing things. Everyday. Just take some time and be thankful, because in all honesty, that is 'real magic' to me.

Happy holidays to you and yours,


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