Friday, November 4, 2011

I Am Not A Clown

Nor, am I a stripper. Yet, a quick search for 'Magic Mike NC' will probably turn up such results. Yeah, I know it's vain to look yourself up on the internet, but, my moniker of Magic Mike (given to me by people, not by choice) is slowly becoming...well, I don't know. It's becoming something. My favorite find thus far:

"Magic Mike Outer Banks Favorite Clown"

That's not me.

Steven Soderberg is making a movie about a male stripper guessed it...'Magic Mike'. I think I should be allowed, at least, on set. Not that I'd want to be, but, dammit clowns and strippers! There is nothing 'magical' about either one of those things! Maybe I should roll back on that. Maybe I haven't seen the right clowns. Maybe, I haven't seen the right male strippers? I probably should have seen this coming. Actually I did, and sealed it in an envelope and mailed it to myself 5 years ago...predicitions are uncanny sometimes.

In other news, I had a really great time at Pepper's Sandwich Shop in Morrisville last night. It was their second anniversary party, and they invited me to perform there. Great, people. Wonderful staff. Absolutely amazing food. I even invented some effects for the night, and well, they were met with open mouths. That could also be from the food, but, I'm going to put a check by my name as well.

Next week I'm headed to the wonderful lands of New New Jersey. I will be there all week, which includes me missing an opportunity to open for the lead singer from Man Man on Sunday (as I fly out) at the Local 506 and Hayes Carl is performing at the Cat's Cradle next week. Have fun with the awesomeness in town, Triangle...I'll be thinking fondly of you from my cold tomb of Princeton.

In other news, I'm cooking up something interesting. Magic Merch! Well shirts. I've had them designed by Monkey Chow (they look amazing by the way) and they are being printed by Adam Peele of Raleigh. This combination is not one to be missed. For more details and an early sign up for the pre-order, keep an eye out next week for the newsletter sign-up. I promise I won't bombard your mailbox with tons of drivel. Hell, I barely manage to write multiple blogs in a year, but, it's more for me to reach out to you when I'm in your area, or trying to drum up support for a show, or a cause.

Mainly, I do this because I like all of you. Wait. Scratch that. I love all of you. I think the biggest difference between me, and say some other person (magi) you may meet is that we, you and me, we connect. I give 100% of my attention to you when I do magic, and it's all about you. It always will be. Without you, I am absolutely nothing. So, you complete me, readers. All 4 of you.

Until next time,

Michael (aka Magic Mike the not clown, aka Magic Mike the not stripper)

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